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Hot water and Gas emergencies happen when you least expect it. Mundy’s Plumbing and Gas understand that your hot water system can stop working at any time. When this happens, you may not have the cash available to organise repairs.

Mundy’s Plumbing and Gas have a partnership with Zip Money, where you can organise us to Fix Now and Pay Later. This is a $0 deposit, Interest Free payment plan. 

We have provided some Frequently Asked Questions below to help you understand Zip Money. When you are ready to proceed, click on the button below to complete the quick and easy application. When your account is approved by Zip Money, we will take care of your emergency plumbing and gas needs.

To cover our administrative costs, 6% will be added to your invoice.

Contact Mundy’s Plumbing to find out more, or Apply here:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Zip Money?

Zip Money is a reusable account that lets you buy now and pay later. Shop online and instore up to your account limit, then set flexible repayments to suit your lifestyle. There’s no deposit and every purchase come with its own interest free period. 

How Does It Work?

Once approved, we are able to complete works desired without the stress of an upfront account to settle immediately. Take the burden away from those costly unexpected emergencies or get that renovation you’ve always wanted.

How Do Repayments Work?

Repayments start from just $40 a month and are based on your account’s credit limit. Simply choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and pay any amount you like as long as you meet the monthly minimum for your account (outlined in your contract).

Every Zip Money purchase comes with an interest free period. Pay off your purchase within this period and you won’t pay any interest. After this period, a standard interest rate of 19.9% will apply to any remaining balance.

You can also make additional payments at any time, and there are no penalties for paying off your purchase early. Finally, if there’s nothing owing on your account, there’s nothing to pay and no fees. Your account simply remains active until you’re ready to make a purchase.

Am I eligible for Zip Money?

To be eligible to apply for a Zip Money account, you need to:

  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be employed in some capacity, earning more than $300 per week
  • Have not declared bankruptcy or insolvency
What are the Fees and Interest?
Every Zip Money purchase comes with a minimum of 3 month interest free period with some retailers offering up to 50 months interest free. After the interest free period, a standard interest rate of 19.9% p.a. applies.

There may be a one-off set-up fee depending on your account limit, which we’ll add this to your balance so there’s nothing to pay upfront. There’s a $6.00 monthly account fee, which is waived if your closing balance is paid by the due date. No balance no fee

Finally, we may charge a $15 late payment fee if you don’t meet the monthly minimum, and a $5 bank dishonour fee if your scheduled payment was rejected or dishonoured by your bank. That’s it.

How Do Refunds Work?
Start by speaking to Mundy’s Plumbing – if we agree, we will process the refunded amount which will appear back in your Zip account.

If a refund puts your Zip account in credit, you can contact Zip to have the amount refunded to your bank account instead. Or, simply use it for your next purchase.

Where Can I Find Out More Information?
For more Terms and Conditions please visit Zip Money
Where Can I Apply
Please click on the blue button above to start the application process or click here.
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