Puretec WTV5000 Bypass Assembly

WTV5000 Bypass Assembly

The Puretec WTV5000 bypass valve is typically used to isolate the control valve from the plumbing system’s water pressure in order to perform control valve repairs or maintenance. The WTV5000 bypass valve is particularly unique in the water treatment industry due to its versatility and state of the art design features.

The 1” full flow bypass valve incorporates four positions, including a diagnostic position that allows service personnel to work on a pressurized system while still providing untreated bypass water to the facility or residence. Its completely non-metallic, all-plastic design allows for easy access and serviceability without the need for tools.

All seals are self-lubricating to help prevent valve seizing after long periods of non-use. Internal O-rings can easily be replaced if service is required.

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Features & Benefits

• Fits any Puretec 1” control valve, in/out head.
• Easy and ready to install.
• 4 positions, including uninterrupted diagnostic position.
• Partial bypass can be configured to provide a level of blending.
• Self-lubricating seals to prevent seizing.
• Easy service with no tools required.
• Ideal for carbon filtration, sediment removal, iron removal, pH neutralising and water softener systems.


Ordering Code: WTV5000
Connection: 1”
Min/Max Pressure: 140 – 860 kPa
Operating Temperature: 4 – 43°C (40 – 110°F)

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